About The Book

“Paw Prints on Your Heart” provides the reader with a fascinating and humorous journey into the wonderful relationship between human beings and their four-legged friends—be they dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, etc. No matter which pet animal takes over your household, the relationship can best be described in one word—precious.

This is pointed out time and time again by the stories described by author Jo Bruner. They are the types of stories that will warm the cockles of your heart, to use an old adage.

Throughout her many years in business and as a homemaker, Jo has had a variety of pets, but not until she and her husband, Dick, moved to Florida did she, as she describes it, “strike it rich.”

During one of her early morning walks around the new neighborhood, Jo ran into one of her neighbors, Sue, who announced that she was adopting a new standard black poodle, Sam, and she also pointed out that Sam’s breeder, Sondi, had other puppies in the same litter. Off went the Bruners to visit Sondi and the puppies. Soon after that, Jo and Dick returned home having just adopted a three-month-old cream colored poodle.

The Bruners named their new boarder, Rocky, because, as Dick put it, “we didn’t want a sissy poodle.” Not too long after that, Jo and Rocky started on their walks around the neighborhood every early morning and early evening.
They got to meet, greet and chat wth a whole host of their neighbors, who, you guessed it, were also walking their canine friends, pals and “children.” When she returned home after each walk, she would report on these meetings with her husband, who told her, “you’ve got a book there; but we may have to move out of the neighborhood.” He was only kidding, of course.
But read for yourself.

Prompted by her observations during visits with her late mother, then in a nursing home, Jo decided to do something about the loneliness she could see in many of the home’s other residents. Her plan: “Why not take Rocky into nursing homes and let his natural charm bring some sunshine to those people who were all alone and in need of a smile?” That’s when she approached the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast and offered Rocky as a “volunteer.” After considerable training, Rocky was certified as a therapy dog and he and Jo began visiting nursing homes; according to Jo, “A very rewarding experience.”

In 2003, the family expanded by one; a 2 month old, silver standard poodle, named Beau, was adopted. Join the Bruners on their travels throughout the United States and the Canadian Maritimes in their motor home. Both “boys” had a ball and since most people in RV’s also travel with pets, Rocky and Beau did beaucoup socializing.

Readers of “Paw Prints on Your Heart” will certainly enjoy sharing in their escapades and it will remind you of the wonderful times with your own special pet.